There’s something special about viewing pleasures at this time of year, and while the team from Novus are from all corners of the globe, with ages spanning two decades (we have a Millennial majority though) and we all celebrate different religious festivals, one thing is consistent — everyone has their favorite movie to finish out the year. Here are our favorites. 


Joseph Jones, Director, Content Strategy

Die Hard is number one on his list, and he loves it so much, he wants everyone to love it too and shared An Ode to Die Hard to convince us. Did it work?


Mary Weaver, Chief Subeditor

It has to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. While it’s certainly not the best in the series (what could beat Wally World?!) it’s got enough quotable quotes and stupid scenes to keep any Chevy Chase fan happy. Essential Christmas viewing.


Ellen Bone, Project Manager

Bridget Jones Diary


Chrizette Larin, Project Manager

Home Alone


Luke Clark, Head of Consumer Content

I'm gonna cheat and choose two, because it's Christmas, and nobody just has the one at Christmas.

Gremlins: you can't go wrong. Until you go very very wrong.


And Love Actually. Funny enough, cleverly enough cast, and Christmasy enough, to pull off the heavy cheese quotient. Superb film.

Kevin Ong also put his hands up for Love Actually. It’s a goodie and there’s some hotties in it.


Iva Sa’adon

Mine's Elf, featuring Will Ferrell (I hate him). Best movie to kill some brain cells though.

Cherlin Chan agrees – Elf is AWESOME!


Andy Sim

I am taking an old school swing and it has to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation for me.

Two reasons – there’s Chevy Chase, and the film’s hilariously funny. Perfect for bringing a little cheer to the Christmas season.


Tin Manasan got a little greedy and claimed three favourites!

Edward Scissorhands, The Polar Express and A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Safiyah Lim

Love Gremlins…still do and still watching it once in a while…

The Family Stone too…


Will Chin, Senior Writer

I think Joseph mentioned Die Hard earlier, so I’m gonna go with my other favourite, Tokyo Godfathers

(one of those weird, off-the-cuff ones we think…)

But here’s the trailer if it captured your imagination.


Richard MacLean, Creative Director

A Muppets Christmas Carol.

The Tangerine Bear


Alison Marshall, Editor

Another hand-up for Love Actually, plus The Holiday and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Daniel Seifert, Assistant Editor

Feel-good Christmas movies where the character learns a lovely lesson (I’m looking at you, It’s a Wonderful Life) make me retch like a stuffed goose. So I nominate the pitch-dark black comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a noirish LA romp set during Christmas. If you haven’t seen it, do. The interplay between Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. is priceless.

Perry: How about you, Harry, did your father love you?

Harry: Ah, sometimes, like when I dressed up like a bottle. How about yours?

Perry: Well, he used to beat me in Morse code, so it’s possible, but he never actually said the words.

(Yep, we have a few strange characters at Novus).

Here’s the trailer for those interested


Simon Cholmeley, CEO

My favourite was always Mary Poppins. It has nothing to do with Christmas but was the Christmas movie at school when I was seven years old. It’s seared in my brain as a Christmas movie.


Andrea Edwards, Director of Content Marketing & Training

Love Actually and I don’t care what anyone says. It gets me every time and I love it, because true love lasts a lifetime. I also can’t tell you how many lines I regularly use from this movie “just in cases.” I watched it a couple of weeks ago, because I couldn’t do Christmas without it.

The other favorite is Christmas with the Kranks. Do yourself a favour and watch this movie. It is hilarious. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are superb. I need to make sure I watch it this year too. Running out of time.

Here’s a link to the trailer to give you a flavour.

When you look through this list, it’s obvious that some are entertaining, silly, or action packed, while other’s make you laugh, feel and cry, and then of course, we have some that are just downright weird… but what else would you expect from an agency packed to the rafters with creative talent? We love our weirdos at Novus Asia.

But the top billing has to go to Love Actually. And because it’s Christmas, here’s the trailer one last time. Pure perfection.

So over to you now. What is your must-see holiday movie?

And with that, everyone at Novus Asia would like to wish you a Merry Christmas (if you’re celebrating it) and here’s to great success and peace in the world for all in 2016.



The Novus Asia Team


And Our Favorite Holiday Movies Are….

BY Novus Asia

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