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The GQ Guide to James Bond
By Daniel Seifert

I’ve been addicted to this long-running series for months, because like any red-blooded male, I think the Bond films rock. So this film-by-film analysis of the best and worst 007 flicks is like catnip to any wannabe spy.

Why It Works

Unafraid to snarkily diss some of the series’ worst contenders, each entry is like an invitation to rope your friends into an hour-long pub chinwag: what’s your favourite Bond film, and why? GQ certainly doesn’t plump for A View to a Kill, where a creaky 57-year-old Roger Moore appears to be “undergoing the process of fossilisation before our very eyes.”


How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps
By Joseph Jones

What starts off as your typical click-bait headline followed by generic list-based article, suddenly swerves into a tale of love, loss and redemption.

Why It Works

I love this article. It’s emotional, funny and sad. But most of all, it’s an obviously true story that the writer was brave enough to put out there. Plus, its title is no lie: there are some great weight loss tips in there too.  


By Chua Kim Beng

Whenever I need a dose of humour, nothing puts a smile more quickly on my face than a visit to this website. As someone whose job it is to arrange the English language in appealing ways (I hope!), it is quite refreshing — and downright hilarious — to see the many ways it can be mangled.

Why It Works

This website is full of photos containing innumerable examples of painfully bad English. The content is user-generated, so it’s quite amazing to see how far and wide bad English has travelled. There are so many posts that the site is divided into categories, from menus (probably my favourite section) to the media, from tattoos to toiletries. If you hear me giggling at my desk, I’m probably viewing the photos on this site.


Nick Hedges’ Slum Photographs for Shelter
By Richard Maclean

This image was shot in Glasgow, Scotland in 1970, not 1870. For some younger readers this may feel like the same thing (it's 45 years away after all). Take a look at the full harrowing set here. The images were originally shot for Shelter Scotland, a homelessness charity and have been revisited as part of a current exhibition.

Why It Works
Though half a century old, these shots make me think of the headlines playing out today. As millions of migrants move across Europe from the Middle East, one thing in common that desperate news images have is that although these people are totally deprived of basic human needs, they still have hope: a hope that what they are leaving behind will be replaced by a better future.

Nick Hodges’s photo collection however is pure human dead end; a total lack of all hope. This is it: no way out. As Hodges himself grimly noted, "The thing about people living in slum housing is that there is no drama. It’s about the absolute wearing down of people’s morale in a quiet and undemonstrative way.”

If these images remind us of one thing, it’s the inscrutable hand of fate. By being born in a certain country at a certain time, we have perhaps avoided the worst that life can offer. But it’s also a reminder that like those fleeing Syria today, our lives can change very quickly.


Into the Wild
By Tham Yong Xian

As a writer, it is rare that I would watch a novel-based film before reading the book itself. But that’s exactly what I did with Sean Penn’s 2007 film adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild — and I have no regrets.

Why It Works

This is a beautiful, sprawling and moving film about a bright young American college graduate who abandoned everything to hike into the Alaskan wilderness, in search of a radical re-engagement with nature. Being slow-paced with extremely mellow undertones, the film is a rich in stunning landscape and moodscape, where long and wordless scenes flow into each other.
The resulting film is serious but personal, forcing us to think about what it means to be human, and what happens when nature is more important to us than humanity: does it make us less human, or do we reach some kind of enlightenment?


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