The Serial Podcast
By Bessy Kim

Serial, which launched in 2014, investigates the murder case of Hae Min Lee against ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed in Baltimore USA, 1999. It’s not the most current news, but the volume of interest it has received from the public, as well as popularity among lawyers, clerks and judges has been phenomenal.

As such, the case has resurrected itself explosively in the media. I’m no CIS expert but I do love a good problem-solving story, and after listening to the lack of evidence against the man now in jail, I’m on the fence about his guilt. But at the very least it’s not enough to put someone away in jail for life.

Why It Works

This podcast really showcases how storytelling at its best can change or even save a life. An appeal earlier this year to raise new evidence to challenge inaccuracies in the prosecutor’s case was denied. Whether it was by pure chance or thanks to the interest of listeners around the world, the appeal against that denial was granted.

Without giving anything away, Adnan has built himself quite a reputable life in prison as a stand up guy, and after so many years he has a second shot at a life outside of four grey walls. 


Fighting in Medieval Armour: a ‘Heavy Metal’ Video
By Daniel Seifert

Picture a battle between medieval knights, and you picture two men weighed down by an entire kitchen set. We imagine that stepping into a suit of armour would make you as slow and lead-footed as a gorilla in rollerskates.

Not so, according to this blisteringly exciting video. Behold, as two students at the University of Geneva battle in two authentic suits of armour with the speed and ferocity of ninjas. To prove the lightweight flexibility of medieval armour, they even do jumping jacks.

Why it Works

Nothing brings history to life like an evocative image. And the simple videography of these fighters hammers home the punishing violence of medieval battle. Literally: at one point (1 minute 58 seconds in), a knight gets a sword blade pushed into his eye slit. Eat your heart out, Game of Thrones.


A Quote from Author Gary Provost
By Will Chin

Why it Works

As writers in a custom publishing firm, we are sometimes overwhelmed by the facts and figures we have to cram into a word limit. Of course, what the client wants is our number one priority, but that doesn’t mean we cannot, as author Gary Provost puts it, ‘write music’.

We rearrange words because they sound better one way than the other. Even though most of us are writing about healthcare breakthroughs, travel ideas and city planning, that doesn’t mean our words can’t be lyrical on the page. Maybe, instead of just looking at how an article reads, we should also look at how an article sings.

Novus Curates: Killer Content We Love — November Edition

BY Team Novus Asia

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