1. The Curse is Lifted!
Nominated by Shanti Morais, Senior Writer


After being massively disappointed by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (I’m sorry, did anyone really like it?), the only thing to clear the bitter aftertaste is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them — out in cinemas in Singapore on 17 November.


Why it Works:
What’s more exciting for the Harry Potter universe than moving outside the stuffy walls of Hogwarts and into New York City?



2. A Wide-Eyed Video
Nominated by Syazana Izzati, Project Management Executive


A fascinating video on the conspiracy lurking behind a pair of sunglasses and how a single company controls 80 percent of all spectacle and sunglasses brands. One of my favourites in this series.

Why it Works:
Though a bit cheesy, the host always does a great job of digging into the skin of a dry topic, and unearthing surprising gems about the world around us.

3. Cracks Me Up
Nominated by Alison Marshall, Managing Editor


An ad for artisanal toilet paper? Surely not…


Why it Works:

Tongue firmly in cheek, this video takes overused artisanal references (and toilet humour) to a whole new level. I also like the fact that when you first start watching it there is a split second when you experience an element of doubt as to whether this could be a real product! 



4. Pub Parody, Footy-style
Nominated by Juhanna Adam, Group Accountant


I loved this hilarious video showing how different football teams would order a simple pint — though I suspect only footy fans will truly get it.


Why it Works:

Short but sweet, it manages to skewer each top team in seconds. Cheers!



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Novus Curates: Killer Content We Love — October

BY Team Novus

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