Surrounded by Garbage
Nominated by Mary Weaver, chief subeditor

Ever wondered just how much rubbish you produce on a daily or monthly basis? American activist Rob Greenfield is conducting an interesting experiment: for 30 days, he is collecting every single piece of trash he creates — and wearing it. And to document the process, he's making a film about it called Trash Me.

Why it Works
It’s a really simple concept and the short film he has produced thus far chillingly illustrates how garbage is taking over our globe. 



Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Dr Atul Gawande 
Nominated by
Chin Wei Lien, senior writer

Death is a topic that most of us avoid, which may be why it is so endlessly fascinating to me. Being Mortal is one of the few ageing- and death-related books that I have read in 2016, and it is likely the best among them all.

Why it Works:
Dr Gawande, the author, is a surgeon himself, and he brings a wealth of first-hand experience into the narrative, providing valuable insights into how the healthcare industry works — particularly, how the healthcare industry deals with the aged and the dying. 



Multi-Disciplined Creativity at its Best
Nominated by Daniel Seifert, assistant editor
I’m loving this read from the New Yorker on how an author’s Twitter feed helps him stay creative — and sane.

Why it Works:
I’m privileged to pump out dozens of ideas and thousands of words every month — but staying creative at such a scale can be tricky. Hence why it’s fascinating to learn how the outlet of Twitter acts as a safety net which keeps zinging him back into his day job:

“The funny thing about my Twitter account is that I do it to avoid writing,” he said. When he writes fiction, every sentence is a special sort of agony, he told me, and while the welter of distractions on the Internet is a liability to many authors, Twitter settles him. “What I do is write a sentence or two, and then I post an image; it distracts me. It calms me down, then I go back. I work a little bit. I read the sentence. I hate myself — so I post an image. Then I come back. And it’s really disgusting. I write another sentence. Then I post an image!”


Warm Feet, Warm Heart
Nominated by Alison Marshall, managing editor

I haven’t heard of this brand before but was particularly taken with their unique idea for giving back, which was shared as a video on Facebook.

Why it Works:
It just shows that business can be for the greater good too. The more socks the company sells, the more they can help the homeless. These are now on the top of my Christmas gifts list: relatives and friends watch out.

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