VeloCity’s Honesty

Nominated by Joseph Jones, director of content strategy

I came across this B2B content marketing firm and I really like what it’s doing.  

Why it Works:

The website’s gorgeous, and the tone of voice is very friendly. HubSpot was giving it a lot of love, too

The copy on Velocity Partners' homepage stood out to me. Check out, for example, how humble they are when introducing their case studies:

Our work

While we can’t show the iceberg of strategy that our work rests on — or the impact it makes — we can share the shiny bits that stick out above the surface. Of course, great work can only happen with great clients. So we thank all of ours for encouraging us to do stuff like this [continues to case studies]


I also like how casual and honest they kept their email subscription call-to-action. The header is especially eye-catching:

Opt into our crap

To be honest, we don’t do much outbound marketing. So if you give us your name, company and email, we’re unlikely to spam you. But we will send the latest stuff written just for B2B content marketers exactly like you. Sound good?


An Eye-catching Make-up Motif
Nominated by Shanti Morais, writer

You won't see me coming to work with this animal scene eye shadow but I just love the creativity and artwork of Tal Peleg.

Why it Works:
The Little Prince was one of my favourite books in my teenage years and Chapter 21 with the fox really stood out for me, not only because I like foxes, but because of its crucial message of the true meaning of friendship and relationships.


The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu 
Nominated by Chin Wei Lien, Senior Writer

The thing about being a fan of science fiction and fantasy is that Asians, especially East Asians, tend not to be very well represented. So when Chinese-American author Ken Liu released The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories, I was the first in line at the bookstore (I purchased a special Kinokuniya edition at that).

Why it Works:
What I love about the book is Ken Liu’s ability to tell genre stories that are filtered through the Asian perspective. Also, I was born a Taiwanese, and I have always wanted to learn more about Taiwan. However, most non-academic books written about the country are either in Chinese or just not very good at all. So reading about Taiwan’s modern history in this book, along with a healthy dose of magical realism thrown in, really made me appreciate the writing a lot more. 

My favourite from the collection is the titular story, The Paper Menagerie. It tells the story of an American man who purchases a bride from China. Even though she was advertised to be fluent in English, the man quickly realises that that is not the case. Still, the wife tries her best to fit in. At the centre of the story is the immigrant wife’s relationship with her son, and how he has to come to terms with his mother’s past. Of course, I am not doing justice to this amazing piece of work. I challenge you to read it without dissolving into a puddle of tears.


Currency App
Nominated by Juhanna Adam, group accountant

Not funky in any way but the content of this app (which I discovered only last week) indeed helps with my shopping decisions almost instantaneously with just a click.

Why it Works:
I never knew it is this easy to shop abroad when my brain is already filled with “list of things to buy” to bother converting. Haha!


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