Hire Me!

Nominated by Joseph Jones, Director of Content Strategy


This woman’s CV nabbed her a formal job interview at AirBnB. And rightly so. It’s an entire microsite showcasing her research skills, drive and background.


Why It Works:

I like how she told a story about herself that incorporated the organisation’s design elements and also a potential business opportunity for AirBnB. Very clever.



The New Day Newspaper

Nominated by Luke Clark, Head of Consumer Content


Its website is currently little more than a ticker, but in less than a week, fledgling national UK newspaper The New Day is set to get media heads turning worldwide.


Why It Works:

The reason for all the hype? What Trinity Mirror, Britain’s largest publisher, bills as "the first brand new national newspaper launch for 30 years”. Whether it proves to be a flyer or just another source of tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers, the news has media watchers buzzing, especially in the age of newspaper closures and consolidation. Although to be honest, if social media numbers are anything to go by (336 followers on Twitter the last time we checked), the buzz on The New Day could certainly afford to get a little ‘buzzier’ soon. 



Meet Professor Monkey

Nominated by Daniel Seifert, Assistant Editor


As the Chinese Year of the Monkey kicks off, I nominate an oddly satisfying video: A small capuchin monkey teaches a zoo visitor to crush dry leaves in his hand. It’s not dramatic but hell’s bells it is cute. I particularly enjoy the monkey’s small frown of frustration to his human student, like he’s saying, “You’re not grasping the importance of this, Scott. Keep up, Scott. Dammit Scott!”

Why It Works:

Why is this little guy so hell-bent on leaf-crushing? I scoured Google trying to find out if there was a biological imperative behind this monkey’s behaviour. I can’t find an answer, which leaves me with a more satisfying conclusion: this monkey is a weirdo. Perhaps that’s why another link to this vid titled it, “Crush the leaves human, crush them and be satisfied.”



Deep Thoughts, Great Sandwiches

Nominated by Shadow Ops


My favourite sandwich shop shut last month, and I occasionally check their Facebook page to see whether my BLT is coming back anytime soon. Sadly they haven’t found new premises yet (and I’m slowly starving), but one of their last updates caught my attention. Jan and Jeslin, the two girls that set up the sandwich business, wrote on their page:


“As university graduates, we could have taken the conventional route and land ourselves in a comfortable desk-bound job; but we chose to get out of our comfort zone, take a risk and pursue our dream. Just wanted you guys to know that this risk was very well worth it as we have met so many wonderful people along the way.”


They posted a message along with a video, which was produced by A Plus in partnership with Strayer University’s Ideal Year Initiative. Its poignant question: What’s your biggest regret?


Why It Works:

It serves as a great reminder of one of our most powerful actions — the ability to choose. What would I have written? Well that’s why the video works — I’m still thinking about it.

Novus Curates: Killer Content We Love — February Edition

BY Team Novus

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