Two of a Kind

Nominated by Rebecca Morris, Novus freelance journalist

I'd hate to be a twin — the idea of somebody being that close to me that they're thinking my thoughts is unnerving rather than reassuring. But twins — and doubles — are nevertheless fascinating in their similarities and dissimilarities, as these shots selected by Sandrine Kerfante for her book, Two of a Kind, and reproduced in The Guardian, show.


Why It Works

Images that raise more questions than they answer are intriguing, and this quirky collection comes without any explanatory captions. The fact that none of the models in their contrived poses has the hint of a smile makes the one on my face even broader.

And, post-Rio Olympics, with its glossy, immaculate synchronised swimmers, the “legs in the lake" shot is totally, deliciously absurd.


“Beam Me Up, Scotty (and Let’s Get Down)”
Nominated by Joseph Jones, director of content strategy

The Star Trek movie cast do a dubsmash video? Yes please.


Why It Works

Karl Urban (who plays Bones) and John Cho (Sulu) love the lip-synching app. But the whole cast gets involved. Honestly, I liked this more than the po-faced recent film. 


A Longread on (Willingly) Freezing Your Corpse
Nominated by Siti Rohani, editor

I have to be honest; I’m not done with it yet. I got about a fifth through, but I do plan to continue while eating lunch at some point. It’s a VERY long read. But so far, very entertaining. 


In a nutshell, this article can be summed up as: Everything You Didn’t Know That You Should Know About Cryonics.


Why It Works
I love that this guy has researched everything you could possibly want to know about the science of freezing yourself in the hope that you can be revived at a later date.

I didn’t even know that I was interested in this subject until I started reading. Makes you think about important things like: what if you wake up post-nuclear disaster and everything sucks and you want to go back to your frozen self but no one’s around to flip the switch outside the freezer pod?

No? Maybe it’s just me, then. I like the tone and the quirky humour and it’s hard not to get swept up in his enthusiasm.  



Countdown to Epic Victory
Nominated by Daniel Seifert, assistant editor

I could not be more disinterested in sports, so the Olympics make me frown more than Grumpy Cat. But this feature on American swimmer Katie Ledecky hooked me in cleverly.


Why It Works
In case you didn’t know, Ledecky came first in the 800-metre swim. Which is the understatement of the century. She utterly annihilated the competition, finishing a flipping eleven seconds ahead of the pack.

In the sporting world where winners are crowned for leads of a tenth of a second, that’s insane. To hammer home just how epic an eleven-second lead is, the New York Times did something simple. They urged readers to tap a timer counting down the seconds:

In the 800, 11.38 seconds is an eternity. It’s enough time to get bored. It’s an awkwardly long hug. As silly as it sounds, we made a timer that counts down from 11.38 to help you grasp how long it is. Press the button and imagine you’re Katie Ledecky. You’ve just set a world record and you’re waiting to see who will join you on the Olympic podium. Give it a try.


Two Examples of Olympic Heart
Nominated by Shanti Morais, writer

What would the Olympics be without some heartwarming moments, captured with high-quality photography?


Why It Works:

Sports is ultra-competitive and it’s always nice to see the more human side of it. After all, what’s life without that warm and fuzzy feeling?


Top Memes of the Rio Olympics
And on the flip side, have a laugh at some of the best memes of the Olympics.


Why It Works:

Who can forget the Michael Phelps “Sith” moment or Usain Bolt’s superhuman ease at winning his events? These images are seared in my mind even though the Games are over.



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