Seeing is Believing
Nominated by Alison Marshall

You can’t help but smile when you watch the video of four month-old Leopold Reppond seeing his mum for the very first time. The baby, who suffers from a rare disorder which affects the colour of his hair and skin and impairs his vision, was able to see his mum for the first time, thanks to some special glasses.

Why It Works:
That broad smile and infectious chuckle when he finally sees her are priceless.


Farewell, Clickbait
Nominated by Chrizette Larin

Facebook finally retaliates against click farms and clickbait-y content, woohoo!

Why It Works:

I consider this a big win for Novus Asia and our fellow content specialists that places high value on quality content. Digiday gives us an insightful snapshot of the winners and losers in Facebook’s algorithm changes.


Bad Dog! The Movie
Nominated by Kevin Ong

This is really silly, but a Korean doggy getting told off about pissing on the floor has, for some strange reason, been getting stuck in my head.

Why It Works:

Who knows? Maybe it’s the pop-up vectors, or the in-frame audience reaction shots. But it’s already garnered 7,285,425 Views (so far…)


Headline Fails
Nominated by Juhanna Adam

This chuckle-worthy list highlights the importance of thinking through your layout and headlines (like not writing ‘click here’ on a hard copy newspaper, d’oh!).

Why It Works:

Simple, funny stuff. Just goes to show that in the right circumstances, a small error can blossom into something hilarious.


Buzzword Overload
Nominated by Halima Ibrahim

So, you think you know your media buzzwords? Take this quiz and find out.

Why It Works:

Since Novus Asia works in this sphere, we hear this jargon being thrown around (by some insiders more than others) on a daily basis. It’s not just tongue-in-cheek parody though: you’ll learn a new handy phrase or too as well.

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Novus Curates: Killer Content We Love — April Edition

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