Every once in a while, you have a particularly long day at work that really makes you earn your pay. Here’s what I do to ditch my worries and recharge for the next day.


  1. Watch Some TV

Sometimes indulging in brainless activity is just what the doctor ordered. And what better way than watching some TV shows, especially those that do not require much brainpower. Currently, I am hoovering up Masterchef Junior, which is way more fun than the adult Masterchef.

A word of warning though: it can make you feel pretty bad about your own culinary skills. I soothe my shame by reminding myself that when I was a tiny tot, my mum would barely let me into the kitchen, much less whip up a meal.


What You Get at the End of It?

Some laughs, amazement at the creativity of the kids and a throbbing sense of hunger. “Sad feels” when a particularly inspiring li’l contestant gets dismissed are optional.


  1. Read a Book

Nothing takes me away to another place more effectively than reading a book. I have sat down thinking I would read a couple of chapters and end up finishing a book more times than I can count. Hey presto: my long day earlier is long forgotten.

One book I read recently and can recommend is Cake Shop in the Garden by Carole Matthews — a slightly different type of novel from my usual criminal/thriller fare, covering a woman’s love of baking, generously sprinkled with some family drama and sugar-sweet romance. I like it because it is an easy read and I kept envisioning living by the quaint, sun-speckled English canals. So all in all, a pretty good book to de-stress with.

What You Get at the End of It?

A new world to explore; what more can you ask for? Bonus: you may even find a new way to look at a nagging problem.


  1. Put Your Favourite Jam On

There’s a reason a song becomes your favourite jam: it never fails to make you feel good. Depending on how much restless energy I have, I either dance like nobody’s watching in my room or just lie down, close my eyes and relax. The former ends up feeling like a workout but a fun one. I always find endorphins can work some pretty good magic in making me feel ready to face a new day.


What You Get at the End of It?

Endorphins. A break from the real world and releasing all that restless energy. And did I mention endorphins?


  1. Volunteer for a Cause You’re Passionate About

It is no secret: I love cats. When I’m not chasing my kitties for cuddles, I volunteer at a cat shelter because I find it rewarding in more ways than one. Beloved community or stray cats are nursed back to health and returned to the neighbourhood where they belong. Or better yet, they find a loving home.

Seeing a cat who came scared and untrusting do a turnaround and become purr-fectly affectionate really keeps me going. Of course, working with a group of people who care about a similar cause is wonderful too. No surprise, then, that I have made many a new friend.


What You Get at the End of It?

A sense that you are contributing to making a difference to a creature’s life. And discovering new fellow cat-crazy companions.


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4 Ways A Project Manager Ditches Stress Each Day

BY Halima Ibrahim

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